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The lost, the outcast, the sinners.


We shall not stand idle while injustice makes mourners of us all.

the Wayfarer

An enigmatic Hingan Miqo'te, with a propensity for gathering the lost and the unwanted.

the vagabonds

A group of those who have come to gain Aja's trust; they help him run the Covenant.

the rest

A modest house in Shirogane, open to all those who find themselves in need of a place to rest their heads.

the story so far

We write our own histories.


Our upcoming RP events.


You are never alone.



The lost and the outcast deserve a place to call home and allies they can call on.

Founded on the ideal of men helping their fellow man in the wake of Doma's subjugation and Hingashi's unwillingness to stand by them, the Covenant is a charity, safe house, and resting place for any who need it.

Those who come to the Rest have begun to realize a greater cause: liberation from Garlemald. With resolution, courage, and determination on their side, the Covenant joins the fight against injustice, doing what they can to weaken the iron grip of Garlemald inch by inch.


Wayfarer's Covenant is an 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly roleplaying company with a medium home in Shirogane.

Open to new players and veterans, we look to enjoy content and RP with all kinds! Our RP ranges from casual slice of life to RP with darker, more mature themes.

If you wish to RP with us but aren't looking for a FC, or are already happily situated, no worries. We love to host guests on our server, and non-FC members are welcome!

Please tab over to our Contact section and send a message to one of our officers if you're interested or would like more information.


DM'd by Jay [Primam Chorus].

Domestic operations will focus on doing non-combat events, typically at the Rest or locally. Fundraising events will also occur as a part of this, but all donations will be IC!

However, Jay may request help from members to obtain in-game materials to help with projects (though this will be optional and OOC).


DM'd by Naga [Veata Aydelotte].

Refugee operations will focus on working on to help refugees. They'll also range further afield, taking part in exploration or combat.

Refugee operations will use an extremely simple system to help with combat and skill checks.


DM'd by April [Yisun Kha].

Anti-Garlean operations will focus on pushing back more directly against the Garlean threat--infiltrating, fighting, and spying. These will typically take place in enemy territory.

Anti-Garlean operations will use a simple combat system.


_System Document_
_Anti-Garlean Combat Cheat Sheet_

the vagabonds

the officers

the wayfarer's rest

Shirogane, Ward 19, Plot 28

The Rest is a modest home in Shirogane, inherited by Aja and turned into a resting place for the lost, the abandoned, and the orphaned to stay at for as long as they may need. The doors are always open, and those inside are eager to extend a helping hand, no matter your history.

the inn

Up the stairs is a room equipped with beds, free for anyone who needs a place to rest their head. Just be sure to be respectful of other's space, be kind, and stay quiet during nighttime hours!

the library

Up the stairs and to the left is the Rest's library, complete with plenty of cushions and comfortable chairs! Read any book you like, and if you would like tea, a selection of flavors is available in the kitchen.

the tea room

Hidden behind a paper door, the lovely little tea room on the Rest's ground floor provides a quiet, peaceful place to sip tea. The room peeks out to the garden as well, so there's plenty of fresh air and birdsong drifting in with the breeze.

the kitchen

The kitchen is situated on the ground floor, just before the main hallway. though small, there's plenty of food to be had, with a resident chef willing to cook for anyone with an appetite.

the infirmary

The Rest is equipped with a modest infirmary. To reach it, go through the door beside the kitchens. Yisun can be found there, and will gladly attend to any injuries or illnesses. She's not the Rest's only doctor, however, and everyone has free access to most of her supplies if need be! You may even come in and take a nap on the beds, if you wish.

the baths

Downstairs and to the left are two large baths, hot and ready for any sore or weary traveler! There are plenty of scented soaps, and when you're ready to hop out, fluffy towels wait to dry you off.

the sauna

Directly in front of the stairs leading down is our sauna. Relax along one of the benches to the side and let the steam soothe your every ache!

the story so far

the spark - 06/28/2020

A shadow falls over the Rest.

the spark

The night started off well, with many gathering at the Rest to enjoy the festival of Tanabata. After making their wishes and hanging them on the bamboo, everyone went inside to enjoy a feast prepared by the Rest's resident chef.

Soon after the festivities began, a strange Garlean man appeared, seeming to take pleasure in mocking Aja about something. Meanwhile, Primam left to go on an alcohol run, followed by Yisun and Maiyze.

Once the Garlean was scared off, Buuz, Yisun's carbuncle, suddenly began to go berserk, slamming himself against the door. Kagehiko led most of the Rest after him, getting to the docks before the carbuncle disappeared.

At the docks, the group interrogated the ticket seller, who claimed that there was a commotion on the ferry shortly after it set sail. Manaka and Yehn'to returned to the Rest to find Aja with Lexa and Akimatsu, where they informed them on the situation.

Down at the docks, they discovered several clues: alchemical packages floating in the water, abandoned linkpearls, one of Maiyze's daggers, Yisun's grimoire, and the ferryman's dead body.

Akimatsu called the investigators back to the Rest for a headcount, where they shared what they found with Aja. He revealed that it was likely Garlean soldiers who'd been targeting him, while Altheria had a heated conversation with an ex-Garlean contact. After discussion, Aja also admitted why the Garleans were after him and asked for help in saving Maiyze, Yisun, and Prim.

Those there pledged their help, and the Rest settled down for the night, preparing themselves for the weeks ahead.


general events

Section currently under construction.


Section currently under construction.


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Section currently under construction.


If you have questions, are interested in joining, or merely want to be a guest, we would love to have you. Contact any of the officers listed below.

On discord, reach out to:
World's Cutest Delinquent#6079

In-game, you may send a /tell to:
Aja Nagano
Veata Aydelotte
Primam Chorus
Yisun Kha
Des Beatha
Callidus Cicuma

You may also check out our Roleplayers page to learn more about us!